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Slow Fashion October: An Introduction

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

October has arrived disturbingly quickly, but this year that means it's now officially Slow Fashion October!  A few months ago, Karen of the Fringe Association & Fringe Supply Co. announced plans for a month long celebration of handmade, second-hand, thrifted, consciously created clothing.  I absolutely loved the idea and couldn't wait to join in!  This first partial week is full of introductions from anyone and everyone interested in slow fashion; so here's my two cents thrown out there to join the slow fashion party!

My name is Liz, and I write here at Elizabeth Street Studio about my making + creative living.   I grew up listening to my mom's sewing machine humming away at night and she taught me to sew when I was young.  It wasn't until about a year or two ago that I seriously started knitting and sewing again - my interest kind of snowballed starting with little projects at first, then buying my own sewing machine, and knitting my first sweater.  Now I can't imagine my life without some kind of making.  My hands itch for my knitting needles by the end of the work day!   This renewed interest + passion for making combined with a newly discovered sense of style led to my interest in slow fashion.  

I love the intentionality of slow fashion.  It's thoughtful, reflecting the unique choices, skills, and tastes of the maker which completely flies in the face of our instant-gratification driven society.  I want to live my life intentionally, so why shouldn't my clothing choices reflect that?  I love what Felicia of The Craft Sessions wrote in her slow fashion intro post yesterday:

I want to consciously build a life that I'm proud of.  Construct it.  A construction that is a work in progress over the next fifty years.  Making sure my values are at the core of it, that they enrich both my life and the lives of the people around me.

Yes.  I want to slow down and build an intentional, faith driven life that is reflected in everything I do, including what I spend my time and money on.  

I've got two main goals for the month: finish my Honeycomb Aran sweater and knit a birthday gift for my sister.  Here's to a wonderful month full of making and sharing!  Check out the Fringe Association and follow @slowfashionoctober / #slowfashionoctober on Instagram to see more slow fashion fun!