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Slow Fashion October: Thinking Small

Wardrobe BuildingLiz TubmanComment

The week two theme for Slow Fashion October is small - capsule wardrobes, living with less, quality over quantity, etc.  "Thinking small" has been a theme for me personally lately -  simplifying my life materially and metaphorically, trying to focus more intentionally on the things that are the most important to me and not worry so much about the rest of it.  I've been purging my material possessions to get rid of anything I don't regularly use or love and that's definitely meant cleaning out my closet.  

After cleaning out my closet, I realized I wanted a much more curated wardrobe filled with pieces I really loved & that would last a long time.  I've started sewing and knitting clothing this year as well, and I want to be intentional about what I decide to invest my time and money into.  The idea of a capsule wardrobe (a small collections of clothing that rotate with the seasons) is very appealing, but I also really like having options.  I also have a lot of overlap between the seasons - I live in Wisconsin and I pretty much wear some sort of sweater at least nine months out of the year - so a collection that changes every three months sounds fun, but really doesn't fit my needs.

After mulling the idea over for awhile, I've decided to do my own twist on a capsule wardrobe.  Instead of a small collection of clothing that rotates with the seasons, I'm planning to create a 30 piece "core" wardrobe of mostly handmade items.  Once that's complete, I'll add 2-3 new seasonal pieces for fall/winter and spring/summer.  I sat down this week and hammered out a plan for this thirty piece foundation wardrobe:

I have a few pieces already finished and specific patterns in mind for a few others. I'm really excited to see how this project pans out!