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This & That | No. 4

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

Here is another pair of lovely wooley things to celebrate the arrival of Friday!

  • This book, Farm to Needle: Stories of Wool put together by Tolt Yarn & Wool.   It's a compilation of patterns and stories about the people, producers, and animals that are all working to create beautiful yarn and a sustainable way of life that's at risk of being lost.  All sorts of wonderful fiber folk were involved in writing patterns for this book, including Karen TemplerAshley Yousling.  


  • If you want a bigger dose of farm to needle action, check out that Hole & Sons yarn.  Ben Hole is a farmer on the Isle of Purbeck who gained Instagram fame by simply posting about his rural farming life producing and selling yarn from his own sheep.  Keep a look out for a new batches of yarn and be ready at the scheduled time because Hole & Sons yarn sells out within minutes!  Read this interview over on the Fringe Assocation about how he got into the yarn business for more wooley fun, too.