Elizabeth Street

Embracing Seasons of Transition & Waiting

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This is a season of transition for me as I focus on this new journey with Elizabeth Street.  Transition is hard and lately I've felt stuck in between who I am and who I want to be.  I have this bright, hazy vision of my future successful self and I want that future vision to come true so badly I can taste it – but in that wanting I'm starting to miss out on where I’m at right now.  Have you ever felt this way?


I have an orchid on my desk and it’s been growing this tiny green bud for the past few weeks – I know that when it finally blooms it will be this beautiful, perfectly formed blossom in shades of purple and white.  I can't wait to see that beautiful blossom but if it opened up now it wouldn’t look the same – it needs that time of growth and transition to bloom. 

I think we need that same time of growth during seasons of our lives.  In my case, I need this time of transition to grow and discover my artistic voice, find out what truly inspires me and hone the gifts God has given me.  With that said, here are some ways that might help you embrace a season of transition or waiting:

1. Don't compare yourself to others.  Comparison only leads to envy and dissatisfaction; I believe God leads each of us on a life journey just as unique as He created us to be in the first place.

2. Realize that God is not keeping something good away from you.  He is giving us his best right NOW.  This is the day that Lord has made and he made us to embrace and reflect his love no matter what season we're moving in or out of.  This point comes from Annie Downs - check out her video - it was a serious gut check for me!

3. Be present and press on.  Don't miss out on blessings He's giving you right now, they'll help strengthen and encourage you to keep on whatever road you're walking.  

God doesn’t do things thoughtlessly or halfheartedly.  He will use each step to teach us and strengthen us if we let Him.  I pray that God would still our hearts and give us patience to enjoy the process.