Elizabeth Street

Where I Came From and Where I'm Going

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Starting this new website & blog is scary for me.  It means I'm being brave and vulnerable, putting my work and my dreams out there for the world to see.  I might fail. I might succeed. I don't know what will happen with all of this, but I do know where these skills and passions came from.  God wove them into my being before I even existed.  I also know that I if I don't do everything I can to use these skills to their fullest potential, I will regret it. 

Elizabeth Street is the product of my newly embraced passion for using my creative gifts to worship God.  My goal with this space is to share my stories, my work, and my passions to reflect who I am and what I’m inspired by as an artist.  And I hope that in turn, I can encourage and inspire others to live with beauty and purpose as I aspire to.

I’ve spent almost 5 years running an Etsy shop in my spare time.  I have learned so much through that experience – both about the business side of things and about myself as an artist.  My tastes, interests, and style have evolved so much since starting my shop all those years ago and I’ve discovered what types of content stick with me in an online world saturated with images and words.  I want to take everything I’ve learned and give myself a fresh start to put all these things into action.  

My goal is to ultimately make Elizabeth Street my full time job, selling hand lettered prints and doing custom design work for clients.  I'm investing much of my free time into learning and growing my skill set, but starting this website was my first step in that process.  I want to share each step along the way - there seems to be this misconception that people who run their own businesses or free-lance full time kind of stumbled into it or hit it big overnight when that's totally untrue.  It takes guts, skill, and hard work.  I want to be totally transparent in my journey in the hope that it might encourage someone else to take this leap of faith.

So here’s to new beginnings, hard work, and being brave.  I'm so glad you're here with me on this journey.

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