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Four Tips for Building a Creative Business On the Side

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

I want to start this week off with some encouragement, especially for fellow creative entrepreneurs.  Right now, I work a full time job in addition to running Elizabeth Street in my free time.  Doing both of those things well is not easy, I'll be honest.  But there are a couple things I've realized even in the month since starting this new website that I want to share with you:

1. Focus is key.  There will always be five things on your to-do list, but deciding to focus on finishing one of those things is a better use of your time instead of spreading yourself too thin to try and finish all five of those things at once.

2. Concentrate on skill building.  When you're working with a limited amount of time, I like to use projects that challenge me or build my skills in different ways instead of doing things the same way over and over.  For example, using textures in a new way for one project or focusing on perfecting my sans-serif letters in another project.

3. Do one thing every day, no matter how small it might seem.  Doing one thing for your business makes it a part of your daily routine, a part of your life even while you're working a full time day job.

4. Never give up.  Even if I'm tired, feeling frustrated, or like none of my work matters, I try to do it anyway.  You never know who will see it, or what will come of sharing your work.