Elizabeth Street

Case Study: Elizabeth Street Logo Process

Lettering + DesignLiz TubmanComment

I love getting a peek into the process of other designers and creatives, so I wanted to share the inspiration and process behind my own new logo for Elizabeth Street.


When I started working on a new logo, I put together a Pinterest board of images that I was really drawn to and after weeding out a few images & ideas that didn't fit, created the final board that I referred to while making logo concepts.  I wanted to carry the feel of these images into my own logo, website, and branding - specifically the clean, minimal feel with a touch of vintage inspired flair.  The finished logo combines those elements successfully with an easy to read yet organic, hand lettered script and a touch of vintage interest with the light rays in the main logo and the icon version.  

Overall I'm happy with how it turned out and I think it reflects my changing style and tastes really well.  Designing for yourself is always the hardest and I feel like this was a huge step towards getting Elizabeth Street off the ground!