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Five Ways to Find Creative Inspiration

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

What do you do when you're fresh out of ideas?  Doing what you love suddenly starts to feel like a chore and that feeling of excitement about your work is gone.  We've all been there, including me!  Here's a few ideas for getting yourself out of a creative rut:


1. Change up your creative routine: Try doing things in a different order if your creative process allows.  Many times I find myself realizing that I'm doing things the same way over and over for no good reason.  Switching it up might give you a new perspective on your process.

2. Freshen up you work space:  Changing up the space you sit in every day can have a huge effect and it doesn't take anything drastic to do that.  Simply changing out the artwork on your walls, putting up a new calendar or rearranging your desk can make it feel like a whole new space.

3. Get away from the computer: Take a walk, read a book, do something that takes your mind out of "work mode" to get a fresh perspective on your projects.

4. Listen to some new music: This is one of my favorites!  I feel so inspired whenever I find a new artist or band to listen to - check out my Music to Work By playlist on Spotify if you need suggestions and look for a post on my new favorites later this week!

5. Grab a drink with friends: Take time to relax and be around the people you love without an agenda.  Just talk and laugh together. Nothing refreshes my mind and perspective on life as much as a good conversation with a friend.