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A Handmade Capsule Wardrobe

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Today I'm sharing a passion project I've had in the back of mind for awhile, but sharing it "officially" somewhere helps keep me accountable and hopefully might inspire someone else at the same time.  This project is a handmade capsule wardrobe.  Capsule wardrobes seem to be kind of a thing lately, but rather than brush off this trendy idea, I'm totally embracing it!

handmade capsule wardrobe project

A capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe made up of set number of items that you wear for a specific length of time, usually for a season (3-ish months).  Unfancy has a great post explaining this idea further.  My personal goal is to have 30-35 pieces in my closet total (not counting underwear, workout clothes, or jewelry/accessories) with a third of that (10-12 pieces) handmade by me.  

Why a capsule wardrobe?  This project came about as my tastes changed since leaving school almost 5 years ago and as I started knitting and sewing again.  I learned both these skills when I was young (I fondly remember falling asleep to the sound of my mom's sewing machine!) but dropped them while in college & grad school.  Along with my renewed interest in these hobbies, there has been a larger resurgence of interest in the indie craft world, bringing new companies like Grainline Studio, Sewaholic, and Colette Patterns that have a young, hip & stylish sensibility to them.  With my own skills and the availability of fresh patterns to work from, I feel like it's the perfect time for a handmade capsule wardrobe.  

I also have a growing desire to spend my money and time more intentionally in all areas of my life, including the way I dress.  It's something I do every single day, and by spending my resources on pieces that are well & thoughtfully made (either by me or by someone else)  not only can I better reflect my own lifestyle but I can empower other makers and creatives through my choices as well.  

Here are a few resources and people who have been especially inspiring and helpful in this capsule wardrobe project:

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