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Ways to Amp Up Your Hand Lettering

Lettering + DesignLiz TubmanComment

I've got a list of tips and tricks that I keep in mind whenever I'm working on a lettering piece.  Some of these I've just realized over time through practice, some I've realized while looking at other artist's work, and some I've learned in classes and then tweaked to fit my own process.  If you like drawing letters and words, try some of these out on your next project:

1. Make it short and sweet.  Choose a short phrase of one or two words.  This is hard for me to do sometimes, but I find that I'm much more able to focus each individual letter shape and spacing when I do. | Check out Wanderlust by Jared Jacob

2. Fill up your space.  This makes your work appear much more confident and dynamic. | Check out It's a Beautiful Day by Karli Ingersoll via Help Ink

3. Try using a bounding shape.  Using a shape, whether a simple circle or something more illustrative, can be a fun way to add interest to your lettering. | Check out The Sound of His Roar by Quiet Boy Studio

4. Make the most of the ascenders and descenders on your letters.  These are often perfect opportunities to connect and build relationships between the letters. | Check out Take Me Deeper by Andrew Frazer

5. When in doubt, keep it simple. | Check out Jane by Stitch Design Co.