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March Mood Board

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

This month's mood board is here, and it's all green!  Today was the first day that reached 40 degrees in 2015 and oh, it felt good.  March is hopeful, the first signs of green and new life that are growing underground little by little.  I also have a deep love for Ireland - the music, the culture & history, and yes, the beer!  With St. Patrick's Day around the corner and the first feelings of spring this month's color couldn't be anything but green:


I love all shades of green, from deep dark forest green to a cheery bright mint.  I managed to find both extremes and a whole range of shades in the middle with my own finds around the house.  These mood boards have been such a fun project and I'm already looking forward to next month.  You can see February's mood board and read the inspiration for this project here.  Have a great start to your week!