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20 Creative Lettering Prompts

Lettering + DesignLiz TubmanComment

I spent the better part of last week getting some of my lettering pieces ready to display at one of my local libraries (aka my librarian day job) and after that busy week, I started the week feeling like I was fresh out of ideas for new lettering pieces.  After a good night of sleep, however, I found myself making a mental list of words & phrases that would be great prompts for lettering practice.  I'm sharing this list in case anyone else needs help climbing out of a creative rut:


Your first name

The title of your favorite book when you were little

The main character's name in your favorite book as an adult

Title of your favorite movie or TV show

Go through the alphabet - one letter a day

The name of your favorite band

Your favorite Bible verse

Name of the country or city you'd most like to visit someday

Your birthday month

Something off of your grocery list

A funny quote you heard from a friend

Your favorite animal

Your favorite drink when you're out with friends

The song lyrics that are currently stuck in your head

Your favorite coffee drink (or kind of tea if you're a tea drinker!)

The name of the instrument you played in high school (or one that you want to learn to play)

Your favorite flavor of ice cream

Your favorite color - try using more unique color names like violet, indigo, or chartreuse!

The name of your favorite flowers

Your pet's name 

Bonus tip: if a phrase is a long one, especially with quotes or song lyrics, I always try to narrow down my word choice to a specific line or verse, and then to a specific phrase (1-4 words) that still captures the overall feel of the quote.