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Five Inspiring Hand Letterers on Instagram

Lettering + DesignLiz TubmanComment

Instagram is by far one of my favorite sources of social media inspiration.  Over the last year or so I've found several of my favorite hand lettering artists through Instagram.  That initial moment of discovery is so exciting; seeing something pop up in your feed and suddenly you need to know everything about what or who is in that image!  Here's my top five lettering artists to follow - check out their work and add some inspiration to your Instagram feed:

Ian Barnard: @ianbarnard | ianbarnard.net

Nicholas Frederickson: @nick_frednicolasfrederickson.com

Sarah Dayan: @sarah.dayan | sarahdayan.com

Hand Lettering Co.:  @handletteringcohandlettering.co

Wetherbee Creative:  @wetherbeecreativeco | wetherbeecreative.co