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Pursuing a Passion While Having a Life

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Is it actually possible to have it all?  Is there enough time in the day to pursue your passion, work a day job, and maintain fulfilling personal relationships?  I've been struggling to strike a balance between all these things lately.  My days are busy but I'm left feeling frustrated that I don't seem to have enough hours to finish everything I want to.  I need just one more hour to work on a lettering project, call a friend I've been meaning to talk to all week, or just carve out time to read my devotions and spend time with Jesus.  Time feels as if it's slipping right through my fingers, and I don't like it.  



Don't get me wrong, dreams and goals are great things!  However, it's dangerously easy to get swept up in working toward those goals and miss out on the life happening all around you right now.  

How do you make time for pursing future goals while embracing the life that's happening in the present? 

I don't want to wake up in another year and realize that I've been missing out on all of the good things I have in my life. I want to be fully present and intentional with my time while still pursuing my God-given passions.  

1. Figure out your priorities and stick to them:

What are the most important things to you?  Figure those things out and don't compromise on them.  I have to mentally check myself when I have choices of how to spend my time.  Sure I could head home after work and pound out a blog post or work on a project but spending an hour or two with some of my people is priceless.  For me, that means God always and forever must come first, relationships second, and my passion third.  

What would this list look like for you?

2. Doing a little is doing enough:

I often find myself annoyed or frustrated because I couldn't finish that one last thing at the end of the day.  But you know what?  Most of the time, no one noticed or knew about that one last thing except me.  And when I give myself the grace to let it go, I can enjoy the time I have in the present that much more.

3. Remember that life isn't all about us anyway:  

As a Christian, I believe I am here to live out the love & gospel of Christ to the world.  At the end of the day, this is all that really matters.  This quote I came across recently sums it up perfectly:

Life is not some self-actualizing pep rally.  We have no destiny apart from God's kingdom. (Christine Caine)

Whoa.  What a reality check.  Am I just filling my time with things that are safe, easy,  and make me feel good or am I truly living in a way that forwards God's kingdom?    

All these thoughts aren't meant to discourage anyone from pursuing a passion that God has placed on their hearts and in their lives.  They're meant as food-for-thought, to change someone's perspective, and ultimately to encourage us all to spend our limited earthly time (also a gift of God!) in ways that would glorify Him.