Elizabeth Street

A Turn in the Road

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Sometimes life doesn't go as planned.  When I started Elizabeth Street, I had a vision of a hand lettering business that would eventually replace my full time job.  Over the last few weeks and months, God has stopped me in my tracks and given me a new vision.  One of Him, and only Him. 

You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.  |  Psalm 139:5

He showed me that in my heart, I was using Elizabeth Street as a way to escape the full time job that He was calling me to right now.  Instead of striving to create the life I thought I wanted for myself, He was asking me to simply enjoy being a maker in the life He had already given me.  

What does this mean for Elizabeth Street?  It means the focus is shifting from a shop & portfolio of my hand lettering to simply a journal of my life as a maker called Elizabeth Street Studio.  I've rebranded this space to reflect this change in focus, and I'll be adding and changing a few more things over the rest of the summer.  

What can you expect to read here?  I'm planning to start writing about the making I already do on a regular basis: knitting, sewing, and lettering for fun.  I'm also planning to continue writing the kind of content I've already posted here about living creatively.  I'm excited to share these things with you that I've loved for a long time.