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Inside My Fashionary Sketchbook

Wardrobe BuildingLiz TubmanComment

I love keeping track of my knitting and sewing projects.  I do use Ravelry and Pinterest quite a bit for inspiration but my newest favorite tool is the Fashionary Sketchbook.  This little gem of a notebook is full of blank body outlines in different poses.  You can fill them in any way you like, with your own ideas or with knitting or sewing project you'd like to do.  

There are two main ways I use my Fashionary sketchbook:

  • to plan seasonal projects (both knitting and sewing) to fill out my handmade wardrobe
  • a visual record of sewing projects (including fabric swatches)

 I get images and ideas stuck in my head while browsing the internet and using my Fashionary sketchbook is a really helpful way to narrow down the things I actually want to invest my time and money into.  I'm still a bit helter-skelter with all of my ideas; I have things listed in Ravelry, written down in another knitting notebook, and written in yet another notebook I use just for keeping track of sewing project details.   However, if I actually take the time to sit down and draw out the garments to see how they will fit into my existing wardrobe, I feel like I have a much clearer plan to follow when I have blocks of time for my knitting or sewing.  I'd like to eventually work out a more organized system for keeping track of ideas, variations, and eventually finished projects with my Fashionary filled with drawings of garments that also exist in real life (!) but I'm ok with working out a system organically.  

If you'd like your own awesome Fashionary notebook, I purchased mine from the lovely Fringe Supply Co.