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Woven Adventures: Volume 1

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My mom gifted me a beginner's weaving kit from Maryanne Moodie for my birthday this year.  I've been smitten with the recent trend and resurgence in weaving and I was ridiculously excited to try it out for myself.  I remember making those cardboard looms in elementary art class and ending up with a a vaguely lopsided thing but I was determined to try out some more stylish versions this time around: 

The kit from Maryanne Moodie was just beautiful with everything you need to make at least 2 small woven wall hangings.  I got to add some leftovers from my own yarn stash to the yarn the kit came with which was really exciting for me.  It also included a little instruction booklet that walked you through the whole process of weaving a wall hanging from threading the warp to tying off your ends.  

I've finished three wall hangings so far: the top left was my first weaving going almost straight out of the instruction book included with my kit; the bottom is my second weaving inspired by Isaiah 40:8  (and gifted to a friend); the top right is my latest weaving (now hanging in my bedroom) inspired by Psalm 139:5

Here's a few helpful links that I've used as well as some resources if you'd like to try your hand at weaving:


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