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Sew: A Tale of Two Morris Blazers

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As soon as Jen from Grainline Studio released this pattern, I knew it was going to live in my closet someday.  After purchasing the pattern and coming across a great fabric sale I have now completed 2 versions of the Morris Blazer.  I treated Version 1 basically like a wearable muslin; I had never made any type of jacket before and I wasn't sure the fabric had quite enough stretch to be comfortable.  The actual sewing process was surprisingly simple - the only step I had trouble with was putting the facing pieces together the right way (Jen's photos in the sew-a-long fixed this problem!).  The fit on Version 1 ended up a little tight across the back and in the sleeves for me, but I still wore it out a few times.  

For Version 2 I knew I wanted a knit blazer with a much more relaxed fit, so I decided to up 2 sizes to a size 12.   I wasn't totally sure how this knit fabric would work out  - it has a fair amount of stretch, more than what Jen recommended in the sew-a-long - but it ended up being stable enough to work.  I didn't use any interfacing because I have never used knit interfacing, it was expensive, and it required another trip to the fabric store.  I figured that two layers of this heavier weight knit would be ok without it.  After edge stitching, there was a bit of waving going on, but a good steam press took care of that.   The fit is so much more comfortable; it might be a titch too wide in the shoulders, but I'm willing to live with it.  It has enough room to layer over button-ups for the fall & winter but still works perfectly over a sleeveless top for air conditioned places in the summer.  I feel like I'm wearing a stylish sweatshirt and it's amazing.  

I'm planning one more version in some kind of suiting in a size 10 for a more wearable woven version, but I'm really happy with how these have turned out.  Thank you, Grainline Studio for yet another great sewing experience!

Pattern: Morris Blazer from Grainline Studio

Fabric: Blue-gray cotton twill suiting (Version 1)  / Gray medium-weight knit (Version 2) both purchased at Joann Fabrics

Size: Version 1 in size 8 / Version 2 in size 12

Modifications: I didn't make any modifications on Version 1, but for my knit Version 2 I made a couple:

  • I didn't use any interfacing because I didn't want the lapel or collar layers to be too thick (and I was too lazy to go back to the fabric store!)
  • Instead of facing the sleeves, I did a simple 1" rolled hem