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Knit: Bradway Shawl

MakingLiz Tubman2 Comments

I'm totally smitten with this shawl!  It was a last minute addition to my summer knitting queue as soon as the pattern by Shannon Cook was published.  I used some mystery origin worsted weight wool that I inherited from my late grandma's knitting stash.  I was so happy I had enough for this shawl, not only to be able to go stash-diving instead of shopping, but I think seeing her yarn happily knit up like this would have made my grandma happy.  

The knitting itself was easy and relaxing, but just enough interest to keep you going.  The shawl knit up pretty quickly until the last 2 or 3 sections; all those stitches made for some really long rows at the end but it was totally worth it for the size of the finished product.  The recommended yarn was Brooklyn Tweed, and I'd love to knit this pattern again with some of their beautiful colors.  

Pattern: Bradway Shawl by Shannon Cook

Yarn: mystery worsted weight wool 

Size: one size