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Spring & Summer Wardrobe Update

Wardrobe BuildingLiz TubmanComment

Now that September is here and fall is on its way, I wanted to take a look back at the spring/summer wardrobe plans I posted back in April.  My head can dream much bigger than my hands can make sometimes so I wanted to take a little time to reflect on those plans and how they turned out.  Did I plan too much, did I choose pieces well, did I get distracted from my plans by lots of other pretty things to make?

Overall, I only got to "check off" one piece that I started and finished from my list.  However, the pieces were well chosen - I didn't look back and wonder, "what I was thinking?" and they all still fit into my current wardrobe.  I included a doable amount of sewing, but too much knitting for the time and budget that I have right now.  However, the pieces that I didn't finish I definitely still want to keep on my list for this fall/winter.  Each piece seems like it would work equally well for different seasons depending on how I wear it.   Here's how my spring/summer plans actually turned out:


Honeycomb Aran | This is next to finish in my knitting queue; I've got sleeves finished and the back 2/3 of way done. 

Georgia Vest | This project never materialized beyond my sketchbook, I might have to save it for next spring since I want to focus on heavier, warmer knits for winter now.

Ondawa | This one is definitely in the queue with a color decision made (BT Foothills) and a sleeve swatch in progress.  Seriously, those cables are just to die for! 


I wanted to purchase a pair of basic black jeans which I ended up getting from Madewell - a great investment!

Moss Mini | Done!  There's a separate post about this project coming later this week!

Brume Pencil Skirt | This project is still on my mental list but didn't make off the sketchbook yet. 


Final thoughts: 

I really like doing this type of intentional, seasonal planning.  I enjoy the process and it helps me focus my ideas into a doable list of pieces that I will actually wear.  It's really easy to get distracted by new designs and patterns and I'd like to figure out a way to let those "simmer" for a while before committing them to my wardrobe plans.  I don't think I included enough high summer items in this specific set of plans; I sewed a lot this summer but it wasn't pieces that were necessarily included in my sketches and plans.  All of these thoughts will be really helpful as I'm working on fall/winter wardrobe plans in the next week or two.