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A Look Back & a Look Ahead

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Before the new year gets too far under way, I wanted to sit down and look back at my projects from 2015.  It was an interesting year for this little online space; I originally started Elizabeth Street Studio in early 2015 as an online base for a hand lettering business.  However, it didn't take long to figure out that my real passion was in knitting and sewing instead of hand lettering.  In June I changed the focus of this site to a journal for my making.  I haven't regretted that choice for a second.  I spent the rest of the year making like crazy:

In the second half of 2015, I sewed a total of 12 items including two Morris Blazers, four Scout Tees, two versions of the Alder shirtdress (one unblogged version got cropped into a sleeveless button up), a Moss mini skirt, two versions of the Archer button up shirt (one unblogged), and the double zip wallet from Handmade Style by Anna Graham.  All the patterns except the wallet are Grainline Studio; maybe I should branch out this year? Or not, since I may have gotten three more Grainline patterns for Christmas!  My sewing "shortlist" for 2016 so far includes some big throw pillows & a quilt from Handmade Style, more sewing with knits in the Lark & Hemlock patterns, a Cascade coat, and a pair of jeans!  

As far as knitting goes,  I know that I could knit anything I wanted this year with the skills I've built up over the last year: 

I finished a total of 7 knit pieces last year; two sweaters, two hats (one unblogged - you can read about it on my ravelry page if you're curious), two shawls, and one pair of mitts.  I feel like I should have more finished knitting projects, but I did half start / swatch a couple more things last year I'd like to complete in 2016.  My 2016 knitting shortlist includes Bellows (currently in progess), Ondawa, and Hawser for "short term" projects, and a Timberline cardigan for my dad and a Stonecutter for myself as year (two year?) projects.  I'd also love to try some colorwork this year as well, starting with Swope.

I'd also like to invest more into the resources section of Elizabeth Street with some photo tutorials or even videos for people learning to knit and sew.  Here's to a year full of making ahead of us!