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Winter Essentials for Crafters

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

Here in Wisconsin, winter has set in with lots of snow and cold weather.  The snow is lovely, but the cold, dry air can be hard on my skin this time of year.  I rounded up a few of my favorite things that help my skin weather winter as they knit and sew through the season: 

  • A trusty pair of mittens!  Fingerless gloves are adorable and fun to wear, but a pair of mittens is a necessity in the Midwest this time of year.  I knit up this pair last winter using a free pattern, Medallion Mittens by Davina Choy.  
  • Etta + Billie skin balm from Fringe Supply Co.  This stuff is like lip balm, but for your hands.  It's perfect for rubbing on your knuckles or extra dry spots before picking up my knitting needles.  Bonus, it smells heavenly.
  • Bigelow Vanilla Chai tea.  I can't go for 24 hours without a cup of tea in the winter; it's warm and soothing after a long day and this vanilla chai is my all time favorite. 
  • Clementines!  That extra dose of vitamin C is key; plus they're just plain delicious.

What helps you get through the winter?  I find it's these little things that often make the biggest difference.