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Queue Check | January 2016

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One thing I'd like to work on this year is knitting more intentionally.  I spend quite a bit of time browsing knitting patterns and projects online (thank you, Instagram + Ravelry) and it's so easy to get swept up by the latest pretty thing I happened to scroll past.  I have a decent knitting queue to work from, and so far I've managed to stay true to that.  To give myself a bit more accountability I'm going to post a "queue check" once a month to share an update about what kind of progress (or lack thereof) I'm making.  I also just like sharing photos of knitting.  Here's what my January queue looks like: 

My Bellows cardigan is currently drying after it's last soak!  I can't believe how fast this sweater came together, even with lots of seaming and a nice sized collar.  All it needs now are some killer buttons; I'm hoping to find some time to stop in at my local yarn shop to pick some out this week.  

That color block scarf on the lower left has been sitting around on my coffee table for the last couple weeks; the garter stitch was a nice break from sweater seaming but I'm hoping to finish it up for a new winter scarf very soon.  Ultimately, my plan is to write and photograph it as an update to a free pattern that I published a couple years ago! 

I also pulled out and blocked my Ondawa swatch this month; the cabling is just crazy beautiful but my stitch gauge was off by about an inch so I've got some fiddling to do before casting on.  My hope is that I can just go up a needle size, or even a pattern size to compensate.  

Here's to a new month of making!