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Stash Less Challenge #2

Creative InspirationLiz Tubman3 Comments

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the first Stash Less challenge from the Craft Sessions and this post takes the initial step of taking stock to the next level: making a plan.  This is perfect timing since I'm considering fabric and patterns for some spring sewing!  

Here is my official stash less plan:

My aim/goal: To build a useful, manageable stash of yarn and fabric that will let me create a handmade wardrobe.  I also want to build a system of keeping track of my stash & use those supplies whenever possible.

My purchasing ground rules: Be intentional in my purchasing.  Buy fabric and yarn with specific projects in mind and try to buy fabric swatches when it's possible to minimize surprises.  When I'm considering a new project, come up with at least 3 possible outfit combinations before buying the supplies.

Budget: $80 a month, including patterns and notions (thread, buttons, etc).  If I'm considering buying something more expensive, like a sweater's worth of yarn, I'll figure that into future months.

We'll see how this goes!  I'd like to stick to this for the rest of the year and see how it feels...I'll definitely be updating to share the process.