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Queue Check: July 2016

MakingLiz Tubman2 Comments

The summer is whizzing by and I wanted to do a little check-in with all of my current WIPs.  It's so easy to lose focus with lots of ideas in my head and beautiful new knitting patterns popping up all over the place!  Here's what my hands have been busy with this summer so far:

  • the start of an Antarkis shawl; I bought this skein of Manos del Uruguay Alegria (in colorway Tannat) over a year ago and it seemed high time that it made it onto a pair of needles.  
  • a *bit* of progress on my Ondawa; I swear all that twisted ribbing is going to be the death of me but it looks so beautiful.  I'm bringing this along on an upcoming trip and I'm hoping to make some real progress in the next few weeks.
  • a new baby blanket for a dear friend's new little one; this will be my second blanket using a modified version of a hexagon-shaped blanket from the book Welcoming Home Baby by Tricia Drake; it's the perfect stash-buster project and it's super easy to memorize.
  • most exciting of all, a new design!! This shawl, which I've named Fauna, was born out of a week-long design challenge with Aroha Knits a couple months ago.  There was lots of erasing and ripping out of stitches at the beginning but I'm really excited about how it's looking so far!  Apparently I've got a thing for BT Shelter (surprise, surprise), since this is the second project I've got going in their yarn; have you seen their new marled colorways? Gorgeous. 

What have you been knitting lately? Do share!