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Four Tips for Traveling with Your Knitting

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

I've done a bit of traveling in the last month, and my knitting is always one of the first things I think about packing!  I love the feeling of taking my knitting out and about with me after a long winter season spent knitting mostly at home.  Here's a couple tips that have made my traveling knitting a bit easier:

These are some fun Instagrams I discoverd from the #placesyoucanknit hashtag!  From left to right: @elizabethstreetstudio (me); @nonaknits; @pluckyknitter; @tristero.post

  • Get yourself a handy project bag!  My current favorite is my Fringe Field bag - all the pockets for stashing tools, room for customization, and tons of space for yarn make this a perfect travel companion.
  • Travel with a simple project.  I've got several bigger, bulkier projects going but I chose to travel with a simpler fingering weight shawl project, Antarkis.  It only uses one skein, and it's easy enough to work on while chatting with people.
  • Don't forget to print off your instructions or memorize them.  I've totally forgotten instructions before, and it's frustrating!  
  • Be ready to talk about your knitting!  I was surprised about how curious people were about my knitting!  It's a great conversation starter at casual gatherings with friends and family.