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Pattern: Lane Hat

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I published my second free pattern last week, the Lane Hat,  and I wanted to share a bit about how the design came about.  Last summer, I knit the Lucinda pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge as part of a knit-a-long.  This was only my second sweater, and I was so proud of how it turned out.  At the end, I still had a skein and a half of Acadia yarn left and knew I wanted to do something special with it.  It sat around for awhile before it came to me: a hat in the same reverse stockinette pattern as my Lucinda!  That stitch pattern shows off the yarn wonderfully and it would be really simple and clean.  I like wide brimmed hats with a little slouch, so I picked out a textured rib pattern and ta-da!  Lane was born!  

The swatching and sizing was pretty straightforward since I knew the look I wanted.  I measured the circumference of another hat that fit really well and calculated the number of stitches based on that size and my gauge.  The trickiest part was figuring out the decreases on the crown, but this post from Aroha Knits really helped!  Lane is seriously one of my favorite hats to wear; I'm all about clean, simple and wearable designs.  I had so much fun creating this pattern and I hope you enjoy knitting it as well!  If you haven't already, you can download the free pattern right here  or on Ravelry if that's your jam - happy knitting!