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Me Made May Review

Wardrobe BuildingLiz TubmanComment

This month, I casually joined the Me-Made May Challenge.  Basically, people commit to wearing sharing as many handmade garments during the month of May as they want to.  I wanted to wear one handmade item per day, but wasn't quite able to meet that challenge.  A couple of my favorite pieces are out of commission because they were "test" versions that didn't stand up to the washing machine too well!

I joined in Me Made May last year before I started this blog as I was just beginning to sew again.  It's been so much fun to see how much my skills, taste, and handmade wardrobe has grown in that time!  Here's the pieces I've shared this month:

Top Row: Range Shawl; Hemlock tee + Onward Shawl; Moss Mini Skirt + Orchard St Apparel tee; Scout Tee

Bottom Row: Honeycomb Aran; Lucinda Pullover; Rae Skirt; Bellows + Orchard St. Apparel tee

It's so interesting to see these outfits together - apparently I have a thing for blue! I always stick to making things in neutrals so they'll be easier to work in with what I already have.  This summer though, I'd really like to add some pops of color to brighten things up a bit!  The best thing about this year's me-made May was that it really didn't feel challenging at all to pull out my handmade clothing - it's such a part of my normal rotation that it just happened!  The hardest part was remembering to snap a photo! Cheers to many more me-made months!