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Sew: Popover Poncho

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I love the feeling you get when you finally find the perfect yarn or fabric for a pattern.  I'd been looking at other versions of the Popover Poncho, and really loved the Pendleton wool that some sewers used.  Unfortunately, a large cut of Pendleton isn't in my budget so I kept looking.  I finally stumbled across this beautiful wool at Joann's about a month ago.  I had only come to pick up some thread, but when I saw this black and white wool fabric I knew immediately it would become a popover poncho!  

This pattern from April Rhodes is a really simple, wearable outwear piece to sew.  I have a Minoru Jacket waiting to be cut out, but I felt like I wanted an outer wear warm-up project to get me going.  The poncho went together really easily, even with this thick wool.  The only part that could be difficult is the hemming, and I just opted for a wider rolled hem than the pattern instructed.  I've had this pattern sitting around since it was first released and I'm so glad I finally found the perfect fabric for it!  The poncho is so cozy, it's the perfect accessory for wandering around an apple orchard or the farmer's market!

Pattern: Popover Poncho by April Rhodes

Size: S/M

Fabric: black and white wool from Joann Fabrics; Robert Kaufman Shetland Flannel lining

Mods: left off the grommets and tie; did a 2" rolled hem