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Sew: Kalle Shirtdress

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I haven't been sewing much in the last few months with lots of behind-the-scenes knitting and a move across town, but one of the closet staples I made last year was a Kalle Shirtdress from Closet Case Files.  All of Heather's patterns are so well drafted to make garments comfortable and beautiful..  I made the dress version first with some fabric ( some kind of polyester blend I think) from Joann's, intending it to be a wearable toile.  Well, I haven't made a "real" version yet but this version has certainly got a ton of wear in the meantime. 

The whole dress went together really easily, and I especially liked Heather's method for the collar - it was simpler than some of the other methods I've tried, including the Grainline Archer collar and the results looked as least as good, if not better than some of the other collars I've done in the past.  I accidentally attached the sleeve cuffs the opposite way but I totally wasn't paying attention to the pattern and just skipped ahead without reading the instructions.  Even so, it's really only noticeable to me so I'm totally OK with it.   I decided to do flat-felled seams and I think they turned out well.  I really like making enclosed seams on handmade garments since they hold up much, much better in the wash.  I've tried french seams, but I always get mixed up starting with sewing your wrong sides together instead of right sides together.  


My sewing machine is terrible with buttonholes, so I brought it to my parents and made my mom help me put them in late one Saturday night - thanks Mom!  This is a really versatile pattern; it was in the 90s when these photos were taken and I've been wearing my Kalle layered one way or another all through the fall and winter.  It looks pretty great with a Driftless cardigan layered on top!  I'm definitely seeing a Kalle shirt and tunic version in my future sewing queue.

Pattern: Kalle Shirtdress (view C) by Closet Case Files

Size: straight 10 (next time I think I'll go down one size; there's plenty of ease built in)

Fabric: poly blend from Joann Fabrics

Mods: none, except flat-fell seams