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Spring + Summer 2017 Making Plans

Liz Tubman2 Comments

Me-Made-May is here again! To celebrate the warmer weather and this month dedicated to handmade wardrobes, I'm sharing my sewing + knitting plans for the season.  I usually just make a mental list of patterns that I'd like to add to my making queue, but this year I've been using the collections feature on Instagram to gather inspiration:


Does anyone else love this feature as much as I do?? I would spend ages scrolling through my favorites looking for specific posts or images, but now I just organize everything into collections as I see it!  Once I had my inspiration images pulled together I got out my trusty Fashionary notebook to put my ideas down onto paper:


Kalle Shirtdress (both dress + tunic versions)

Woven Hemlock dress + tee in linen

Fen dress

Wool + Wax tote


River Light Tee (lengthened sleeves)

So Faded Pullover (lengthened sleeves, cropped body)

Kenton Tee 

Now to see how much I can actually accomplish before cool weather returns to my corner of the world!  Happy May making, friends!