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Book Review: Texture by Hannah Fettig

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

I am a total sucker for beautifully designed books, magazines, and paper goods.  When that beautiful book is not only well designed but includes gorgeous patterns AND techniques? Well, you know that baby is going to be on my shelf for sure!  Texture by Hannah Fettig is a book that's all of these things.  Hannah (of Knitbot) is one of the first designers that I started following back when I fell in love with knitting a few years ago.  I love her classic style; her designs are always simple and wearable without being boring.  

Texture is an exploration of different stitch patterns in a variety of garments.  The book features 12 patterns divided into 3 sections: delicate texture, everyday texture, and big texture.  Each design is gorgeous, and I can imagine almost each piece fitting seamlessly into my closet.  The patterns are super simple to follow and include gorgeous full sizes photos of the garments at all angles.  Interspersed throughout the book are technique sections that cover topics like planning out a knitted garment, reading your kitting, and increasing and decreasing within a stitch pattern.    

There are garments for every type of weather, so no matter when you pick this book up you'll find something you can knit and wear for that season.  My favorites are the Jennie Drop Shoulder, the Pierside Cardigan, and the West End Cardigan.

If you're like me, you'll pick this book up for beautiful photos and styling, but take if home for the patterns & knitting tips.  Texture is a knitting book not to be missed!