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This & That | No. 8

Creative InspirationLiz TubmanComment

This month I am joining in the #slowfashionoctober celebration started by Karen Templer of The Fringe Association.  It's a chance for anyone and everyone who's interested to celebrate, discuss, and share on topics related to slow fashion.  Mending, spending less, buying smarter, making your own clothes, thrifting, and all the challenges that come with these things are on the metaphorical table.  Karen has given each week a loose theme to jump start the discussion on social media and it's been absolutely fascinating to read and participate in.  Visit the introduction post explaining the why and how of #slowfashionoctober over at Fringe, and then check out these links.  I've been bookmarking like crazy saving all sorts of intriguing posts and articles, and here are a couple I really wanted to share:



  • This post from @ellebryan of Thread Tension about basic garment care tips (I'm slighly embarrassed to admit that a couple of these tips where lightbulb moments for me!)
  • That post from @make_something about the evolution of her handmade clothes over time:
"I love that even once a garment is complete it may still be transformed, changed or repaired. I think of my wardrobe as an evolving dialogue I can keep having with myself and I hope It never ends."

Love, love, all of this!  It's such great food for thought, and makes me think differently about my own clothing and what I'm making.  Check the #slowfashionoctober feed over on Instagram and visit the Fringe Association to read more and chime in!